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Vinisha Shah <> Vinisha Shah <> 5c9d0b2edf52f8a607904b97352c090908e53d8a 5c9d0b2edf52f8a607904b97352c090908e53d8a Merge pull request #10204 from caskdata/feature/CDAP-13517-metrics
Metrics integration
Vinisha Shah <> Vinisha Shah <> 17351390285d537eb92080c926f5f94c47b047cb 17351390285d537eb92080c926f5f94c47b047cb CDAP-13517-Metrics integration
albertshau <> albertshau <> be8800618a87a5848a57a63921b609b8dd9cdefa be8800618a87a5848a57a63921b609b8dd9cdefa Merge pull request #10221 from caskdata/feature/CDAP-13391-provisioner-logs-in-program-context
CDAP-13391 log provisioner messages in program context
Albert Shau <> Albert Shau <> f8507fda070f3b149210dec153a5923aaff7fd6e m f8507fda070f3b149210dec153a5923aaff7fd6e CDAP-13391 log provisioner messages in program context
Modify the provisioner tasks to use a program logging context
instead of a system logging context in order to tie the logs to
the program run and not the system logs. Even though the provisioner
runs in the CDAP master, it's logs belong with the program run,
otherwise a provisioning error will cause a program run to fail
without any feedback given to the user.

Also adding a cluster end time to each run record. This is needed
because the log handler restricts the log query end time using
the end time in the run record if it exists. However, the end time
in the run record is the program run end, whereas the cluster end
time is usually minutes later. Adjusted the log handler to restrict
using the cluster end time, so that the deprovisioning logs will
be included in the program logs.

Removing the expiresAt field from the cluster proto since it is
currently not used. It will be re-introduced when we implement
the feature that allows keeping a cluster around after stop or
failure of a program run.

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