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  • albertshau <>

    albertshau <> 553b1a73682429016ba82611b73029e7f91bb99a

    Merge pull request #10224 from caskdata/feature/CDAP-13586-set-cloud-secure-store-provider
    CDAP-13586 set secure store provider for clusters

  • Albert Shau <>

    Albert Shau <> d32553e0aaa248d136f5bcc73a1e72d4936eaaba

    CDAP-13586 set secure store provider for clusters
    Set the secure store provider to 'none' for clusters. This is
    to prevent errors when it is configured to be something else on
    the CDAP master. In the future, this will be configurable based
    on the profile.

    • cdap-app-fabric/src/main/java/co/cask/cdap/internal/app/runtime/distributed/ (version d32553e0aaa248d136f5bcc73a1e72d4936eaaba)