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albertshau <> albertshau <> bfb2a98051442808198984b15c7c78c222c82b08 bfb2a98051442808198984b15c7c78c222c82b08 Merge pull request #10170 from caskdata/feature/CDAP-13501-fix-flaky-program-lifecycle-tests
CDAP-13501 fix flaky run history tests
Ajai <> Ajai <> ac0d776451889b21955089fc085f34f2afd95722 ac0d776451889b21955089fc085f34f2afd95722 Merge pull request #10183 from caskdata/bugfix_release-ui/CDAP-13388
[CDAP-13388] Updates the profile property lock/unlock tooltips text
Ajai Narayan Ajai Narayan f7fb51efb6fbe8a071c13819869de5cc4f256850 m f7fb51efb6fbe8a071c13819869de5cc4f256850 Updates the profile property lock/unlock tooltips text
Albert Shau <> Albert Shau <> b1c395f0c657472d6f795cf77e572af4b3eabdd8 m b1c395f0c657472d6f795cf77e572af4b3eabdd8 CDAP-13501 fix flaky run history tests
Fix a race condition where a call to list run records is made first,
then calls to fetch individual run records are made and the results
compared. This is subject to race conditions where the cluster state
has changed. For example, when listing, a run record might be in the
DEPROVISIONING state. When it is individually fetched, it could be
in the DEPROVISIONED state. Instead of comparing entire run records,
just comparing run record program state, since that is really all that
is important for the test.

Also performing cleanup to remove duplicate code and to remove a bunch
of warnings.


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