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albertshau <> albertshau <> dff48b203697cff97bb76ffaac89cc9e1a0111ce dff48b203697cff97bb76ffaac89cc9e1a0111ce Merge pull request #10021 from caskdata/feature/fix-unit-test-races
deprecate and replace waitForStatus() calls in unit tests
Tony Bach Tony Bach c24c83f00a231d8a166f8ca201c17f319586a37a c24c83f00a231d8a166f8ca201c17f319586a37a Merge pull request #10006 from caskdata/feature/ui-cdap-13236-update-keytab-uri
[CDAP-13236] Allows editing of keytabURI of a namespace in UI
Tony Bach Tony Bach 1dd324ddb2707b69c77c0e1a527639a349908ebb 1dd324ddb2707b69c77c0e1a527639a349908ebb [CDAP-13236] Allows editing of keytabURI of a namespace in UI - Adds Edit label, populates wizard when clicked on, and navigates to Security tab in wizard - Adds api to edit namespace when user clicks Finish in the wizard - Only allows editing of keytabURI if the specified some values for principal and keytabURI during namespace creation - Resets namespace wizard after finishing edit
Poorna Chandra Poorna Chandra bb4906d9f1d5e906e2db110b5a188ee1992491e9 bb4906d9f1d5e906e2db110b5a188ee1992491e9 Merge pull request #10027 from caskdata/bugfix/CDAP-13281
CDAP-13281 Fix Spark 2 delegation token issue by passing in credentials while saving an RDD
Sreevatsan Raman Sreevatsan Raman d5da901eff328f97d3d11d81e0103af67fe4c9e9 d5da901eff328f97d3d11d81e0103af67fe4c9e9 Merge pull request #10028 from caskdata/feature/merge-release43-develop
Feature/merge release43 develop

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