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  • Chengfeng Mao <>

    Chengfeng Mao <> f4fe197d6fb5ca5e18dd6b7ee3700f32271e5444

    Merge pull request #9776 from caskdata/feature/dynamic-partition-writer
    [CDAP-12823] Ensure DynamicPartitionerWriterWrapper creates new RecordWriter

  • Chengfeng <>

    Chengfeng <> 9c8f00d1f6311b43f7be545d0bf5e33277f53cf2 m

    [CDAP-12823] Ensure DynamicPartitionerWriterWrapper uses a new FileOutputFormat when create a new RecordWriter

    • cdap-app-fabric/src/main/java/co/cask/cdap/internal/app/runtime/batch/dataset/partitioned/ (version 9c8f00d1f6311b43f7be545d0bf5e33277f53cf2)