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Tony Bach Tony Bach 96f69d167701be6e36635d015a8d592a66bf68ef 96f69d167701be6e36635d015a8d592a66bf68ef Merge pull request #9210 from caskdata/feature/ui-pipeline-nodes-new-look
[CDAP-12057] Pipeline Studio - Node redesign
Tony Bach Tony Bach 32c328a59048d0fdd304903fd7359a531f46cbb6 32c328a59048d0fdd304903fd7359a531f46cbb6 [CDAP-12057] Pipeline Studio - Node redesign - Implements new node look - Removes close button, and adds menu with Delete action - Fixes bug where nodes were not draggable until canvas is dragged or a node is opened - Fixes bug where the Configure Properties btn has to be clicked twice after a node is dragged - Fixes bug where nodes were not showing up in draft of imported pipeline after saving - Modifies fitToScreen and getGraphMargins algos to accomodate new node width and height - Reduces number of letters necessary to show ellipses in new node design
Terence Yim Terence Yim c239a5211c92a73b852b6bb490e6742592632cbc c239a5211c92a73b852b6bb490e6742592632cbc Merge branch 'release/4.2' into develop
Derek Wood Derek Wood 4654af6cbc421286ba218dd023598898e88243a7 m 4654af6cbc421286ba218dd023598898e88243a7 Merge pull request #9221 from caskdata/feature/cherry-pick-gh9213-rel-42
pin eclipse m2e to release version
Bhooshan Mogal Bhooshan Mogal 9145c631a2dd237132d0985d7a57830e2e870d34 m 9145c631a2dd237132d0985d7a57830e2e870d34 Merge pull request #9220 from caskdata/fix-version
fix dataprep version

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