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anew <> anew <> 6495b1407fc9c9c14d4ec6071d928a71c034744f 6495b1407fc9c9c14d4ec6071d928a71c034744f Merge branch 'feature/cdap-7199-fix-update-schema-docs' into develop
anew <> anew <> 24c1167a4bf6e8f302f53b6085b883e3d31e1d25 24c1167a4bf6e8f302f53b6085b883e3d31e1d25 [CDAP-7199] fix incorrect documentation for updating dataset properties, especially table schema
Terence Yim Terence Yim d52cbe2360d4ffa18fb7570fe68ab26e0dd096e5 d52cbe2360d4ffa18fb7570fe68ab26e0dd096e5 Merge pull request #6675 from caskdata/feature/speed-up-tests
Code cleanup + artifact deployment speed up.
Terence Yim Terence Yim ca221aef998348984c8781e7a57d21beae728ab5 ca221aef998348984c8781e7a57d21beae728ab5 General code cleanup and speedup
- Reduce unnecessary class loader creation in deploy artifact.
  - Speed up artifact deployment
- Move AppJarHelper and PluginJarHelper to test source
  - They should strictly be used in unit-test only
- Cleanup logback xmls
  - Remove the no longer in used hacky CAppender, LogWriter and LogCollector
- Reduce AuthorizationService log level on cache usage
  - Caching is enabled by default (and is always needed), no point
    in logging a warn when authorization is turned off.
- Fix race conditions in authorization cache unit-tests
Yue Gao <> Yue Gao <> f674c36c3d28e8f9382eaddc7faa16e5ede79c19 f674c36c3d28e8f9382eaddc7faa16e5ede79c19 Merge pull request #6632 from caskdata/feature/BigQuery
[HYDRATOR-930] Created a jobID for "get splits" to use.

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