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Code commits


  • Terence Yim

    Terence Yim 9beb5dbe5b8a7d00c243c3a57972d72f2219ce84

    Merge branch 'release/3.5' into develop

  • sreevatsan raman <>

    sreevatsan raman <> 50c89ff30713c8c29439b04287c315885692cc94

    (CDAP-7150) Ignore missing Spark assembly jar if the workflow doesn’t use Spark. (#6548)

    • cdap-app-fabric/src/main/java/co/cask/cdap/internal/app/runtime/distributed/ (version 50c89ff30713c8c29439b04287c315885692cc94)
  • sreevatsan raman <>

    sreevatsan raman <> 75accdb8a5682748feaf344126fe29551db17e4f

    (CDAP-7150) Always include Spark jars for Workflow. (#6547)
    - This is a workaround for CDAP-7021 side effect.

    • cdap-app-fabric/src/main/java/co/cask/cdap/internal/app/runtime/distributed/ (version 75accdb8a5682748feaf344126fe29551db17e4f)
  • GitHub <>

    GitHub <> 0b3159473e2462b4792e9b0ca9558ef821f6a0f7

    Merge pull request #6546 from caskdata/fix/explore
    CDAP-7151. Fixed map reduce classpath for the explore container by ad…

  • sagarkapare <>

    sagarkapare <> cc4d77dc15965bd42163c4ddc6f0360b6808aa07

    CDAP-7151. Fixed map reduce classpath for the explore container by adding cdap-common.jar in the beginning.

    • cdap-explore/src/main/java/co/cask/cdap/explore/service/ (version cc4d77dc15965bd42163c4ddc6f0360b6808aa07)
    • cdap-explore/src/test/java/co/cask/cdap/explore/service/ (version cc4d77dc15965bd42163c4ddc6f0360b6808aa07)