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GitHub <> GitHub <> 7f42d979446fcd1e92f67c18fef3aac6dbfb5e74 7f42d979446fcd1e92f67c18fef3aac6dbfb5e74 Copy cdap-kms and security extension jars to cdap master lib and to m… (#6146)
* Copy cdap-kms and security extension jars to cdap master lib and to master ext

* Added the new option to specify security extensions.
GitHub <> GitHub <> cf4ca23adbb3244ed5840b0ea3455a27150b6076 cf4ca23adbb3244ed5840b0ea3455a27150b6076 Merge pull request #6110 from caskdata/feature/authentication-context
(CDAP-6580) Added an AuthenticationContext that can be injected to de…
Bhooshan Mogal Bhooshan Mogal 6478384c63ecc0dc0f98c4ffd6652d0b41ff613c 6478384c63ecc0dc0f98c4ffd6652d0b41ff613c (CDAP-6580) Added an AuthenticationContext that can be injected to determine the UserId depending on the context.
- HTTPAuthenticationContext uses SecurityRequestContext to determine the UserId
- ProgramContainerAuthenticationContext uses UserGroupInformation.getCurrentUser() to determine the UserId
- Currently, AuthenticationContext is injected into RemoteDatasetFramework for DatasetServiceClient to use it while making requests to dataset service
- However, it is also available as AuthorizationContext in Authorizer#initialize, so that Authorizer implementations like SentryAuthorizer can get the requesting UserId without CDAP passing it to every method (PR for that will be a follow-up)
- Also added some missing tests for TwillRunnable (StreamHandler, Explore, Log Saver and MetricsProcessor) injectors, so injection failures can be caught in unit tests
- Use AuthenticationContext in DatasetInstanceService instead of SecurityRequestContext
- Fixed DatasetServiceTestBase
  - to rely more upon injector
  - to make tests faster by not initializing and restarting dataset service before every test
- Refactored RemoteDatasetFrameworkTest to rely more upon injector
sreevatsan raman <> sreevatsan raman <> 476aa9204aef956b7ebb5223640faa50ed29c40f 476aa9204aef956b7ebb5223640faa50ed29c40f Remove Tephra and replace with "Apache Tephra" as appropriate. (#6130)
GitHub <> GitHub <> 80d643758db5c80f4e44c3594b7d1c329d08c997 80d643758db5c80f4e44c3594b7d1c329d08c997 Merge pull request #6135 from caskdata/docs/3.5_5890_FAQ_Audit_Log
CDAP-5890, 6101 FAQ entries


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