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  • Ajai Narayan

    Ajai Narayan bb2375e5ef3ca5c4d5c1552a2ada389dbe783aaa

    Merge pull request #8737 from caskdata/bugfix_release/ui-pp3-regressions2
    Fixes jump functionality from metadata to pipelines in UI

  • Ajai Narayan

    Ajai Narayan 4cdb2cbe93a6f64adc089cf5f6891a9b704b8931

    Fixes jump functionality from metadata to pipelines in UI
     - Bumps core-plugin artifact version in my-jump-factory to be 1.6.1
     - Adds back configParams query parameters in hydrator studio to fix tracker to hydrator jump

    • cdap-ui/app/hydrator/routes.js (version 4cdb2cbe93a6f64adc089cf5f6891a9b704b8931)
    • cdap-ui/app/tracker/services/my-jump-factory.js (version 4cdb2cbe93a6f64adc089cf5f6891a9b704b8931)
  • Derek Wood

    Derek Wood 42fcad312f0f8de15ad8151b839968dacaf3976a

    Merge pull request #8736 from caskdata/feature/fix-hdinsight-version
    fix package iteration for 4.1.1

  • Derek Wood

    Derek Wood 3958eb4eb6bb770ce89edf85f718ac07660e61f3

    fix package iteration for 4.1.1

    • cdap-distributions/src/hdinsight/pkg/ (version 3958eb4eb6bb770ce89edf85f718ac07660e61f3)
  • Ajai Narayan

    Ajai Narayan aaed26ef306cb801b34c2d6108f0829db2f38c39

    Merge pull request #8735 from caskdata/bugfix/ui-pp3-regressions
    UI Regression fixes before power pack 3

  • Ajai Narayan

    Ajai Narayan c918a0495e4f3e4d9c5e82a7793a6f11689d4386

    Moves dropdown styling from adapter.less to wrangler-modal.less directive

    • cdap-ui/app/directives/widget-container/widget-wrangler-directives/wrangler-modal.less (version c918a0495e4f3e4d9c5e82a7793a6f11689d4386)
    • cdap-ui/app/hydrator/adapters.less (version c918a0495e4f3e4d9c5e82a7793a6f11689d4386)