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albertshau &lt;; albertshau <> 1dfb3243efbc6b2f4673cabcc7c1c4804dcaaf91 1dfb3243efbc6b2f4673cabcc7c1c4804dcaaf91 Merge pull request #9256 from caskdata/feature/CDAP-12037-mapred-transform-splitter
CDAP-12037 implement multioutput for mapreduce
Albert Shau &lt;; Albert Shau <> e35ed696148104b722e3d647a91a2cde3608d880 m e35ed696148104b722e3d647a91a2cde3608d880 CDAP-12037 add some comments to clarify code
Albert Shau &lt;; Albert Shau <> 2bf0cc58ea50758e73d5d1101da7025f697c6644 m 2bf0cc58ea50758e73d5d1101da7025f697c6644 CDAP-12037 implement multioutput for mapreduce
The TransformExecutor classes were refactored a bit to support
output ports. PipeTransformDetail was renamed to PipeStage, which
represents some stage in the pipeline. Some cleanup was done so
that these stages can be created all at once instead of
incrementally through a recursive traversal of the pipeline.

Instead of handling KeyValue objects, the classes have been
changed to handle RecordInfo objects, which contain actual record
values as well as context about where the record came from.
This allows each PipeStage to use whatever information it needs,
and will be re-used later in the Spark implementation.

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