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  • wyzhang <>

    wyzhang <> 168578a68c8edd2d90a617370c4c454520514dbf

    Merge pull request #13771 from cdapio/feature/CDAP-18627/wyzhang-leveldb-api-cleanup
    [CDAP-18627] Remove confusing createEndKey(byte[] row) which just calls createStartKey(row)

  • Wangyuan Zhang <>

    Wangyuan Zhang <> 9d448d63dbd14b6c886d86c2ed4001ab7568ffd1 m

    [CDAP-18627] Remove confusing createEndKey(byte[] row) which just call createStartKey(row)
     private static byte[] createEndKey(byte[] row) {
        return createStartKey(row); // the first key of the stop is the first to be excluded
    This method is confusing as it is NOT creating end key for a row,
    instead it assumes the row passed in is the end-row (i.e. excluded) for a scan.

    • cdap-data-fabric/src/main/java/io/cdap/cdap/data2/dataset2/lib/table/leveldb/ (version 9d448d63dbd14b6c886d86c2ed4001ab7568ffd1)