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Build: #562 was successful Changes by Ajai Narayan and Adrien Cahen <>

Code commits


  • Ajai Narayan

    Ajai Narayan c20e82970b0295fbb95553a1818c48b19f5503fd

    Merge pull request #1502 from caskdata/require-angular-motion
    Require angular motion

  • Adrien Cahen <>

    Adrien Cahen <> 8fd0070e99e6cac8f20cfafef7076f9d52f75257

    also update other FE deps

    • cdap-ui/bower.json (version 8fd0070e99e6cac8f20cfafef7076f9d52f75257)
    • cdap-ui/package.json (version 8fd0070e99e6cac8f20cfafef7076f9d52f75257)
  • Adrien Cahen <>

    Adrien Cahen <> 9e2cd4d6c1d16b35b9b6c3544f0f12161d4d64d8

    explicitly import angular-motion

    • cdap-ui/bower.json (version 9e2cd4d6c1d16b35b9b6c3544f0f12161d4d64d8)