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Build: #4694 was successful Changes by yukiej <> and Yuki Jung

Code commits


  • yukiej <>

    yukiej <> 1ea4646d46518161c723c2c19aa618861e2f5e69

    Merge pull request #11681 from cdapio/feature-ui/errorparser-tests
    Add unit tests for constructErrors (stage level validation)

  • Yuki Jung

    Yuki Jung c2424bf10b9d4caa90fecd6d68dd1126eb0257d2

    Add tests for error parsing
    Fix e2e tests to use version range for pipelines

    • cdap-ui/app/cdap/components/ConfigurationGroup/__tests__/configuration-group-utilities.test.ts (version c2424bf10b9d4caa90fecd6d68dd1126eb0257d2)