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Ajai <> Ajai <> 4d3c9f7a2fb46dec1b90b51274edee4c4ceb30a6 4d3c9f7a2fb46dec1b90b51274edee4c4ceb30a6 Merge pull request #11568 from cdapio/bugfix-ui/remove-authaddress-hardcode
Fix authaddress determined in nodeserver
Ajai Narayan Ajai Narayan a4b532ec37bcd751d4b7674b9421fa84b85c4770 a4b532ec37bcd751d4b7674b9421fa84b85c4770 Fix auth address + session token handling in CDAP UI
  - Adds a hostname module to detect right origin to allow socket connections
  - Adds node-ip and cypress spec retry modules
  - Fixes server.js to add hostname based on url to list of allowed origin for websocket connections
  - Fixes the ui theme path logic to be flexible
  - Fixes SessionTokenStore to add auth token only when security is enabled
  - Adds data-cy attributes to tab component for testing
  - Adds number of retries for failed test to 3
  - Fixes getSessionToken logic to include proper headers in cypress tests
  - Adds cypress-plugin-retries to cypress support
  - Increase wait timeout for cypress commands to be 60000
  - Fixes all occurences of adding Authorization to headers
  - Fixes default value for ui theme file