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Ajai <> Ajai <> 5ae21811653a16dc4aa053a3655d7a15923b7d18 5ae21811653a16dc4aa053a3655d7a15923b7d18 Merge pull request #10999 from cdapio/bugfix-ui/convert-resource-url-to-path
Removes router information from messages sent via websocket
Jay Jin Jay Jin 23026b080af4dce762572c00f92c92f2b953c263 23026b080af4dce762572c00f92c92f2b953c263 Merge pull request #10995 from cdapio/feature/CDAP-14770-migrate-namespace
Feature/cdap 14770 migrate namespace dataset
Jay Jin <> Jay Jin <> 4a8e67b98e377e396936e8feab926d228a57aa15 m 4a8e67b98e377e396936e8feab926d228a57aa15 Add TODO
Ajai Narayan Ajai Narayan 11e2f69f210dbc8dc71f3acad9417647e97c141b 11e2f69f210dbc8dc71f3acad9417647e97c141b Removes router information from messages sent via websocket
  - Fixes aggregator to construct the router url from configuration passed to node proxy + the path from the client
  - Fixes datasource in UI to not construct path with router information
  - Fixes httpexecutor based on url->path update in datasource + minor styling fixes
  - Fixes aggregater and express server to handle request to different origins (router vs market)
  - Fixes datasource to handle request to different origin from client
  - Fixes market api and one step deploy actions in market based on changes to request by origin
  - Fixes angular datasource + url generator to strip router information
  - Fixes downloadLogs endpoint + removes /downloadQuery endpoint from node server which is no longer being used anywhere
  - Fixes /downloadLogs endpoint usage in client(angular) to use the new path pattern
  - Removes unused functions for constructing router url in client
  - Removes router information being passed via config.js script + removes unused express endpoints
  - Fixes sourcemap generation in webpack build process
  - Adds JIRA for FIXME comments about request origin types
Jay Jin <> Jay Jin <> cf1024226eb4eb614f55476fa89b9d9b14088c61 m cf1024226eb4eb614f55476fa89b9d9b14088c61 Fix secure store test