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Tony Bach <> Tony Bach <> 6fb5638eef87829b2cd7f5f1379096bc590466b1 6fb5638eef87829b2cd7f5f1379096bc590466b1 Merge pull request #10262 from caskdata/feature-ui/CDAP-13359-set-default-profile
[CDAP-13359] Allows users to set default profile from system/namespace level in UI
tonybach <> tonybach <> 3e249fa8021a2e0dcb2b90d44f38b2fb8c9397bd 3e249fa8021a2e0dcb2b90d44f38b2fb8c9397bd [CDAP-13359] Allows users to set default profile from system/namespace level in UI - Moves cloud constants to global-constants, and helpers to Profiles store Action Creator, to reflect that they will both be used in Pipelines and Cloud - Gets default profile from preferences, and shows a star next to the default profile in cloud and pipelines profiles list view - Adds ability to set default profile by clicking on the start next to the profile name - Shows error message if trying to set default a disabled profile, or delete an enabled profile - Modifies SystemPrefsAccordion in admin page to get new prefs on expanding, since the user might change system preferences by selecting another profile as default - Changes some variable names to emphasize 'native' profile, instead of the more generic 'default' profile - Highlights newly added profile - Shows all profiles if new profile is hidden, and makes sure there's enough space for the 'Default' column label - Changes user: and system: prefixes from lowercase to uppercase due to backend change - On namespace level profile list view, don't inherit default profile from instance level - Also highlights newly imported profile

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