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Ajai <> Ajai <> 1a8c19c800feda1fe72c4568e706aae40d0a6c06 1a8c19c800feda1fe72c4568e706aae40d0a6c06 Merge pull request #10154 from caskdata/bugfix_release-ui/CDAP-13458
[MMDS][CDAP-13365][CDAP-13080] [CDAP-13458] Allows a user to resplit a previously failed split in a model
Ajai Narayan Ajai Narayan 597a05397e92dc9ae81ee2cf6236ba7bc71e003a 597a05397e92dc9ae81ee2cf6236ba7bc71e003a [MMDS][CDAP-13365][CDAP-13080] [CDAP-13458] Allows a user to resplit a previously failed split in a model TL;DR-
 - Allows a user to replit a previously failed split from experiment detail view (Analytics -> Experiment 1 (Experiment detailed view)-> Model 3 (in Models table))
 - Allows the user to edit the directives from split step and edit the split from the algorithm selection step. This allows user to reiterate the changes in the same model instead of creating a new model everytime he/she decides to make a change.
 - Rounds off huge numbers to 4 digits after the decimal. Makes is readable in UI.
 - Fixes setting right schema while creating new models under an experiment.

Longer version -

  - Adds an active step to experiment create store to switch between different stages (Dataprep <-> Data Split <-> Algorithmselection)
  - Adds a enum(sortof) for ModelStatuses to reflect backend
  - Adds api to update directives in model + delete (unassign) a split in model
  - Updates Experiment detailed view to use newly create ModelStatus enum
  - Adds a generic function to round decimal numbers in experiments
  - Updates Split step to use directives and schema from the model instead of from the experiment

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