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Ali Anwar Ali Anwar 02e5e0c18fc806d549cf853bc8fbba8a5cac1e23 02e5e0c18fc806d549cf853bc8fbba8a5cac1e23 Merge pull request #9605 from caskdata/release/4.3
Merge release/4.3 to develop
anew <> anew <> 33641fe8bda4351b8449235b69f700a67aeed1b7 m 33641fe8bda4351b8449235b69f700a67aeed1b7 [CDAP-12526] Changes for tephra-0.13
Ajai Narayan Ajai Narayan 1e2d4962c7654b3c6bb3f343be1537a4d2bd2262 m 1e2d4962c7654b3c6bb3f343be1537a4d2bd2262 Merge pull request #9576 from caskdata/bugfix_release/ui-CDAP-12432
[CDAP-12432] Adds description and delete actions to individual rules in rules engine
Ajai Narayan Ajai Narayan c5d52123d57283d45a7aac3c6f8da62935f67c9f m c5d52123d57283d45a7aac3c6f8da62935f67c9f [CDAP-12432] [CDAP-12414] Bugfixes to rules engine
 - Adds description to rule + adds delete action to delete individual rules
 - Fixes long names for rule names and rulebook names
Edwin Elia Edwin Elia 0fa427216c2d828dc41016eaf2c7dad1097f0209 m 0fa427216c2d828dc41016eaf2c7dad1097f0209 Merge pull request #9561 from caskdata/feature_release/ui-http-executor
UI HTTP Executor

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