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Terence Yim Terence Yim a429e536481334b93c940f96bd17b98ed9c5d320 a429e536481334b93c940f96bd17b98ed9c5d320 Merge pull request #7358 from caskdata/merge_to_develop
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Terence Yim Terence Yim 38dd760723afcf6f9721d251a75fec639b36d72b 38dd760723afcf6f9721d251a75fec639b36d72b Merge branch 'release/4.0' into develop
Gokul Gunasekaran Gokul Gunasekaran c27c2c0a16c34511857037811f845ba52dd73c8e c27c2c0a16c34511857037811f845ba52dd73c8e Merge pull request #7238 from caskdata/fix/cdap-7702
CDAP-7702 : Adding generation id as part of rowkey of TMS Data tables
Gokul Gunasekaran Gokul Gunasekaran 427b1106ef7f601cda1dde2f27a4e0527b9e3b52 427b1106ef7f601cda1dde2f27a4e0527b9e3b52 Introducing generation id for TMS Topics
Marking deletion in MessageTable instead of deleting, and remove the ability to delete in PayloadTable

Store Generation id as part of the properties
anew <> anew <> da53c6b2d51a6353dd01e98a4894b4a49ab5b591 da53c6b2d51a6353dd01e98a4894b4a49ab5b591 [CDAP-7493] Use a backward-compatibe deserializer for DatasetModuleId in DatasetTypeMDS

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