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John Jackson John Jackson 007cd699378970166062197ed3b78b0ccb34691d 007cd699378970166062197ed3b78b0ccb34691d Merge pull request #5244 from caskdata/docs/r3.3.2_merge
Merge from release/3.3 to fix broken docs build
John Jackson John Jackson 782b4255a19e48123f13657197a0d577332a6bb2 782b4255a19e48123f13657197a0d577332a6bb2 Use "develop" in develop branch.
John Jackson John Jackson 2e56ebc73b60e4e188a6ed8b8986c7e2f1a29c90 2e56ebc73b60e4e188a6ed8b8986c7e2f1a29c90 Fix MD5 hash. Add missing variable for cdap-apps.
John Jackson John Jackson 96ec481001c01387c8133b8bcbbd510a36758ae4 96ec481001c01387c8133b8bcbbd510a36758ae4 Merge branch 'develop' into docs/r3.3.2_merge
* develop: (38 commits)
  [CDAP-5182] Store dataset creation properties in spec; add an endpoint and command to retrieve them
  (CDAP-5084) Add the new cdap-api-spark module
  Fix md5 hash of cdap-default.xml
  (CDAP-5117) Refactor MR TaskContextProvider.
  Small refactoring to rid of the old Id.Program usage in AbstractServiceDiscover
  remove unused comments in navbar template
  fix navbar highlight for help menu in tracker
  EntityId.toEntity() subclasses should override the return type to more specific type
  add options to specify link color for navbar mixins
  CDAP-5177 PartitionConsumer to skip partitions in the working set that have been deleted after added to the working set.
  CDAP-5179 add new etl configs
  remove comments
  add hover state to hamburger menu
  change capitalizations on menu links
  remove namespace dropdown from breadcrumbs
  fix offset for alerts banner with new global navbar height
  make global navbar sidebar static
  add scrollbar for namespace dropdown
  remove unused image
  fix global navbar responsiveness

John Jackson John Jackson c22e41d749b5bc4af99d9959fda3c1687fa504ee c22e41d749b5bc4af99d9959fda3c1687fa504ee Merge branch 'develop' into docs/r3.3.2_merge
* develop: (121 commits)
  (CDAP-5124) Added authorization interfaces - AuthorizationEnforcer and Authorizer.
  CDAP-5117 Ability to create the local datasets inside the Workflow configure method.
  Update to use the latest maven scala plugin
  Make guava in deploy_pom.xml not provided.
  guava should not be provided scope anymore
  (CDAP-20) Removed guava dependency from cdap-api
  CDAP-3739 log system artifacts loaded and skipped
  CDAP-5108 Classes to define audit message
  CDAP-5062 document new connection string setting
  Distributed CDAP installations only.
  (CDAP-20) Remove guava usage from cdap-api-common
  Update per comments.
  Consolidate all system service APIs in the Monitor API.
  Remove trailing spaces.
  Revert changes.
  Add links and info.
  Update default to concurrent workflows.
  (CDAP-5074) Make RunId available through RuntimeContext
  Fixed the 'levels' query parameter in the lineage RESTful API. Also better explained lineage output.
  CDAP-4977 Expose an API to specify PartitionKeys (instead of Partition) when calling onFinish of a PartitionConsumer.

        cdap-docs/admin-manual/ (chose version in release/3.3)
        cdap-explore-jdbc/src/main/java/co/cask/cdap/explore/jdbc/ (chose version in develop)

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