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ataylor4 <> ataylor4 <> 43fbb716579246fd53bdd201689353c073902f7b 43fbb716579246fd53bdd201689353c073902f7b Merge pull request #3672 from caskdata/feature/fix-realtime-tests
Updated ETL realtime tests in the same style as RealtimeElasticsearch…
albertshau <> albertshau <> f63cf4d625dc47eb11c99d8b5e61a4cff84348d9 f63cf4d625dc47eb11c99d8b5e61a4cff84348d9 Merge pull request #3637 from caskdata/feature/CDAP-3282-upgrade-app-api
CDAP-3282 api to update an existing application
Ashley Taylor Ashley Taylor 11d4de0b464291b4e617a1973c51feed9ab7bfaa 11d4de0b464291b4e617a1973c51feed9ab7bfaa Updated ETL realtime tests in the same style as RealtimeElasticsearchSinkTest
Albert Shau <> Albert Shau <> b6b5b697bc6872864c043b3a1f222725ec0450b3 b6b5b697bc6872864c043b3a1f222725ec0450b3 CDAP-3282 api to update an existing application
An application's config can be updated, as well as the artifact
version it uses. Changing artifact name is invalid. If no config
is given, the existing config will be used. Otherwise, the
existing config is completely overwritten by the requested config.

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