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John Jackson John Jackson 140d3333d3e7871798f795b6470f37e8246f1351 140d3333d3e7871798f795b6470f37e8246f1351 Merge pull request #8488 from caskdata/docs/r4.1.1_9270_authorization
CDAP-9270 Fix authorization table
John Jackson John Jackson 42d2353917b221d619043ad45ca697bacad77af1 42d2353917b221d619043ad45ca697bacad77af1 Fix table entry. Remove trailing spaces.
Terence Yim Terence Yim 37d5b1f9420e39899e8c80d3ccf632aaefc960a8 37d5b1f9420e39899e8c80d3ccf632aaefc960a8 Merge pull request #8478 from caskdata/feature_release/CDAP-8842-upgrade-twill-0.11.0
(CDAP-8842) Upgrade to twill 0.11.0 and removed all copied classes
Terence Yim Terence Yim 75b8e191be359c8521115362b6879be34f5a0c1d 75b8e191be359c8521115362b6879be34f5a0c1d Upgrade to twill-0.11.0-SNAPSHOT
- Remove the copied AbstractYarnAMClient
- Move disabling log collection back to Twill
- Remove reference to HDFSLocationFactory
- Remove usage of the deprecated SecureStoreUpdater, replaced with SecureStoreRenewer
- Use setClassLoader support from twill.
- Removed the copied YarnTwillController class
- Added new twill properties that helps controlling container memory
Ajai Narayan Ajai Narayan 8424ec27c3b1bde19d56bbabec1485f353a37028 8424ec27c3b1bde19d56bbabec1485f353a37028 Merge pull request #8472 from caskdata/bugfix_release/ui-CDAP-9087
[CDAP-9087] Fixes Overview panel to close/show appropriate message on deleted or unknown entities

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