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Related issues (8 issues)
Type Key Summary Status Assignee Fix versions Related Builds Operations
Bug CDAP-11682 Backend automatically adds a 0 at the beginning of cron expression for days-in-week-cron Resolved Chengfeng Mao 9 related builds
New Feature CDAP-12711 Athena - Add a model to an experiment - from experiment page Resolved Ajai Narayan 5.0.0 9 related builds
Bug CDAP-13021 Messaging service doesn't upgrade the coprocessor if only underlying HBase version changed Resolved Sagar Kapare 4.3.3 15 related builds
Bug CDAP-13037 Under some circumstances, transaction failures can make a program unable to start further transactions Resolved Andreas Neumann 4.3.3 15 related builds
Bug CDAP-13043 Non-macro plugin properties turn to macro if value has ${} Resolved Edwin Elia 5.0.0, 4.3.3 15 related builds
New Feature CDAP-13059 Athena - Landing page when users click on Analytics Resolved Edwin Elia 5.0.0 9 related builds
New Feature CDAP-13066 Add pagination to list of experiments & models in an experiment Resolved Ajai Narayan 5.0.0 10 related builds
Bug CDAP-13084 HBaseTableExporter utility fails on HBase version 1.2.0 Resolved Sagar Kapare 15 related builds