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Nishith Nand <> Nishith Nand <> 406967570af0291e532d78455852640f6dbfb389 406967570af0291e532d78455852640f6dbfb389 Merge pull request #7598 from caskdata/merge_release_401_to_develop
Merge release 401 to develop
Ajai Narayan Ajai Narayan c5d607b43947e5d012a58d76fd8ed28b850ad662 c5d607b43947e5d012a58d76fd8ed28b850ad662 Merge pull request #7534 from caskdata/feture/ui-improve-webpack-build-time
[CDAP-5955] - Improve UI build time
Ajai Narayan Ajai Narayan 44b15c55fab03bacb515687cd0e6d96188fd5e1f 44b15c55fab03bacb515687cd0e6d96188fd5e1f [CDAP-5955] - Improve UI build time   - Adds parallel-wepack to run multi-configs in webpack   - Adds dll webpack configs + separates library builds to dlls from all webapp's webpack configs   - Adds vendor library entry points for cdap, wrangler and common webapps   - Modifies cdap, hydrator & wrangler template files to include build dll vendor files   - Adds dll_assets static end point to server dll vendor built files   - Adds built dll vendor files   - Adds shared library dll across all webapps + modifies all webpack config to use the same   - Fixes all vendor files to have appropriate libraries   - Fixes package.json + adds dll folder to gitignore   - Removes angular from package.json   - Updates file   - Modifies pom.xml file to include dll folder to be copied while building sdk
Gokul Gunasekaran Gokul Gunasekaran 9999f3397476712302c65dde5579f9179b5c5745 9999f3397476712302c65dde5579f9179b5c5745 Use HTableNameConverter since the HBase specific ones have been removed
Nishith Nand Nishith Nand 90edec61da99fdb06605ff13eb3d3da44210eb88 90edec61da99fdb06605ff13eb3d3da44210eb88 Merging release to develop

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