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anew <> anew <> 9b7872386f00ea56826c9f0b191aef58a6c6aa89 9b7872386f00ea56826c9f0b191aef58a6c6aa89 [CDAP-7193] Give program lifecycle methods a way to control the transactions: - Add a @TransactionPolicy annotation; - Implement it for lifecycle methods of all program types; - Allow accessing datasets without a transaction; - Refactor existing test case for transaction timeout to test also this
Deepak Wadhwani Deepak Wadhwani 98c642f244c67e2e0442419d3f70954bc7b331d6 98c642f244c67e2e0442419d3f70954bc7b331d6 Merge pull request #6959 from caskdata/feature/tez-dependency-fix
Feature/tez dependency fix
John Jackson John Jackson 4dcb0c5fea7eb0f4d2588cb36ae4f6deb3f87747 4dcb0c5fea7eb0f4d2588cb36ae4f6deb3f87747 Merge pull request #6924 from caskdata/docs/4.0_fix_doc_tools
CDAP-7399 Update Descriptions from cdap-default.xml
Ajai Narayan Ajai Narayan cfbe343788e7c320591ccb655a35e0d8e81ed0b1 cfbe343788e7c320591ccb655a35e0d8e81ed0b1 Merge pull request #6952 from caskdata/feature/ui-export-header-as-library
[CDAP-7462] - Build HeaderActions & HeaderBrand as library
Ajai Narayan Ajai Narayan f040371ec2f8256a1db9869dfeb9569db9095c6f f040371ec2f8256a1db9869dfeb9569db9095c6f [CDAP-7462]- Port HeaderAction & HeaderBrand as library to be shared between UI webapps

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