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Alvin Wang Alvin Wang 5ae0303e2ab104aec6fe53e9fcb6ea2b9c942547 5ae0303e2ab104aec6fe53e9fcb6ea2b9c942547 Merge pull request #1506 from caskdata/feature/share-rest-client
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Alvin Wang Alvin Wang e059bf2e4c9254ddc18f611afbf338b3779d7c21 e059bf2e4c9254ddc18f611afbf338b3779d7c21 Merge pull request #1500 from caskdata/feature/cli-delete-current-ns
CDAP-1629: Use default namespace when current namespace is deleted in CLI
Alvin Wang Alvin Wang a101443a445850044cb8fc25ba2d9f499e527a4d a101443a445850044cb8fc25ba2d9f499e527a4d Merge pull request #1499 from caskdata/feature/twill-0.5.0
CDAP-1468: Use ReentrantDistributedLock in Twill
John Jackson John Jackson d94d1dd6f62471c7bf08aa3d1b94596177f8f470 d94d1dd6f62471c7bf08aa3d1b94596177f8f470 Merge pull request #1485 from caskdata/feature/2.8.0_trademarks
Update to trademark text.
albertshau <> albertshau <> 642e20c4471b4f84682d510dc28213193bbf0fdc 642e20c4471b4f84682d510dc28213193bbf0fdc Merge pull request #1496 from caskdata/feature/CDAP-1650-v3-ds-api-cleanup
Feature/cdap 1650 v3 ds api cleanup

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Unknown Issue TypeCDAP-1468Could not obtain issue details from JIRA
Unknown Issue TypeCDAP-1560Could not obtain issue details from JIRA
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