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Chris Gianelloni Chris Gianelloni f8f606d7d74bb4e34dbbc4bf53a70fbf16ffff31 f8f606d7d74bb4e34dbbc4bf53a70fbf16ffff31 [CDAP-1696] [CDAP-5897] Change default CDAP UI/Router ports (#6569)
* CDAP-1696 Change Router (API) to port 11015

* CDAP-5897 Change UI to port 11011

* Update MD5

* Update

Correct comment

* Remove extra space.
Ali Anwar Ali Anwar 669007e8fe0deb065c5747839fa4ab6d7cce1422 669007e8fe0deb065c5747839fa4ab6d7cce1422 Merge pull request #6589 from caskdata/code-cleanup
Fix minor bugs and clean up code.
Chris Lu <> Chris Lu <> 03bdad2eb50b835321159a27d52796146b323915 03bdad2eb50b835321159a27d52796146b323915 Merge pull request #6587 from caskdata/fix/CDAP-7177
[CDAP-7177]: allow macro evaluator to post actions in datapipeline app
Ajai Narayan Ajai Narayan b1befdae2469a500d17dff99b818bebe16679846 b1befdae2469a500d17dff99b818bebe16679846 Merge pull request #6549 from caskdata/feature/ui-splitingnodeserver
Initial implementation of cdap in react
Ajai Narayan Ajai Narayan ed5e007d41ed1b9810728ac33251223260e79521 ed5e007d41ed1b9810728ac33251223260e79521 Adds initial version of CDAP react app. This massive commit achieves the following things,
1. Splits CDAP, Hydrator & Tracker webapps in UI
2. Couples Hydrator & Tracker as individual angular apps being served from /cask-hydrator & /cask-tracker from node server
3. Separates out CDAP as individual react app being served from /cask-cdap end point from node server
4. Adds react + ecosystem to kick start new development flow
5. Adds eslint to new workflow
6. Modifies the way we surface CDAP_CONFIG and CDAP_UI_CONFIG configurations in UI.
7. Adds a splash screen to CDAP UI as a placeholder
8. Fixes navigation between CDAP, Hydrator & Tracker seemeless. From implementation perspective we are having a generic utility function
   shared between CDAP, Hydrator & Tracker which given the context returns back an absolute URL. This will be used moving forward to
   navigate between different UI web apps.
9. Separates out built files for hydrator and cdap as they should exist independently (we have gulp clean which removes the entire dist dir).

  - Login flow
  - Top nav to completion

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