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albertshau <> albertshau <> 5308aebfed3885795260a9fc53a944c7ab95d533 5308aebfed3885795260a9fc53a944c7ab95d533 Merge pull request #3896 from caskdata/feature/CDAP-2667-remove-adater-rest-apis
CDAP-2667 remove adapter related http endpoints
Henry Saputra Henry Saputra 42bcc4be9cfc12bc00c9b5356294259f88d0bdf0 42bcc4be9cfc12bc00c9b5356294259f88d0bdf0 Simple refactor to move key-value : to a constant for easy replace if needed.
John Jackson John Jackson dd62a2c98fa75746877aaca863f72f6cb4ad8c35 dd62a2c98fa75746877aaca863f72f6cb4ad8c35 Merge pull request #3898 from caskdata/feature/3.2_fix_app_templates
Fix Documentation Build
John Jackson John Jackson 309d1c612c1ba9491f108b48f9ab3009402ea62a 309d1c612c1ba9491f108b48f9ab3009402ea62a Add missing SnapshotAvro and SnapshotParquet documents to the Sphinx index. Adds a test to prevent confusing error messages when running the build in a manual sub-directory.
Henry Saputra Henry Saputra 09ef5e29ad154fd1544b2b0f4ad1e8fa5376ec46 09ef5e29ad154fd1544b2b0f4ad1e8fa5376ec46 Merge pull request #3893 from caskdata/feature/CDAP-3522_metadata_search_via_indexedtable
[CDAP-3523] [CDAP-3522] Implement REST APIs for searching Metadata

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