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Rohan Nahata Rohan Nahata e853ea9fa46eea1c36bdc8baa4bf8df468c9cfd5 e853ea9fa46eea1c36bdc8baa4bf8df468c9cfd5 Merge pull request #2817 from caskdata/feature/CDAP-2535-fix-deploy-integrationTestManager
Feature/cdap 2535 fix deploy integration test manager
Chris Gianelloni Chris Gianelloni 2c489738cadddc9713d7d7903f2531566cf5c553 2c489738cadddc9713d7d7903f2531566cf5c553 Merge pull request #2852 from caskdata/feature/cdap-2612
CDAP-2612 Add Flume agent to VM
Alex Baranau Alex Baranau 833e69e3e2ec5b98838bcae0ec77843889b82937 833e69e3e2ec5b98838bcae0ec77843889b82937 Merge pull request #2733 from caskdata/feature/rm-metrics-context-api
CDAP-1998: Remove deprecated Context - Query param in Metrics v3 API
Sreevatsan Raman Sreevatsan Raman 73431c6b8f8d11871cadfe32bcfc83895c4809d7 73431c6b8f8d11871cadfe32bcfc83895c4809d7 Merge pull request #2791 from caskdata/feature/rm-auth-http-handler
CDAP-1143: Remove AuthenticatedHttpHandler and Authenticator, as they're no longer used
R Nahata <rohannahata@Rohans-MacBook-Pro-2.local> R Nahata <rohannahata@Rohans-MacBook-Pro-2.local> 1f45ef8fd64d16ea7ccb98cf285cea9767af23f2 1f45ef8fd64d16ea7ccb98cf285cea9767af23f2 CDAP-2535 IntegrationTestManager deployApplication is namespaced and some changes to IntegrationTestBase to enable this

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