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albertshau <> albertshau <> 303c5c3da4bd1af371799a96eeeee552f583f38e 303c5c3da4bd1af371799a96eeeee552f583f38e Merge pull request #8502 from caskdata/feature/CDAP-9148-more-pipeline-metrics
CDAP-9148 refactoring to wrap all pipeline plugins
Albert Shau <> Albert Shau <> f1d2f6feaa818206df24b17d7b06eb9f68526570 f1d2f6feaa818206df24b17d7b06eb9f68526570 CDAP-9148 wrap sparkprogram plugins and change stddev calculation
Change the standard deviation calculation to avoid overflow
concerns. Also wrapping the new sparkprogram plugins so that they
at least get the logging wrapping.
Albert Shau <> Albert Shau <> 9c675258923a194a5d8bc65454b8c3757b47bf48 9c675258923a194a5d8bc65454b8c3757b47bf48 CDAP-9148 add flags to disable process timing
Adding a flag to disable process timing. Also includes some
refactoring to make sure the flag is available in all the places
that instantiate plugins.
Albert Shau <> Albert Shau <> dd9069b07b4170865a74577c2ece87962837c4b9 dd9069b07b4170865a74577c2ece87962837c4b9 CDAP-9148 refactoring to wrap all pipeline plugins
Refactoring so that any known plugin type instantiated by the
pipeline is wrapped so that the context classloader is set
before any plugin method is called, and so that all certain
methods are timed and a metrics emitted for time spent.
Also performs one part of the fix to stage logging, which is to
set a key in the logging MDC before any plugin method is called.
John Jackson John Jackson 5ef2c565bb26760dec9736b2e3144e0096038e63 5ef2c565bb26760dec9736b2e3144e0096038e63 Merge pull request #8645 from caskdata/docs/4.2_fix_broken_JSON
Fix broken JSON in Cask Market example

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