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Edwin Elia <> Edwin Elia <> 2e04dbbfcf54b01eb39e12c734a0103417186431 2e04dbbfcf54b01eb39e12c734a0103417186431 Merge pull request #10931 from cdapio/bugfix-ui/CDAP-14624-tags-modal-header
[CDAP-14624] Fix tags modal header
Edwin Elia <> Edwin Elia <> c8ace0abe991d65602b458faab37c8a8292717ab c8ace0abe991d65602b458faab37c8a8292717ab Merge pull request #10929 from cdapio/bugfix-ui/CDAP-14625-runtime-arg-padding-fix
[CDAP-14625] Fix runtime arguments paddings
Edwin Elia <> Edwin Elia <> 86c9a6e1a8216731fd7c1aa14bfdcacb367fe7ea 86c9a6e1a8216731fd7c1aa14bfdcacb367fe7ea Merge pull request #10928 from cdapio/bugfix-ui/CDAP-14722-macro-icon-fix
[CDAP-14722] Fix macro indicator in node config properties modal
Ajai <> Ajai <> cd57c0f135ce8d561dd784f048591db6db6f9352 cd57c0f135ce8d561dd784f048591db6db6f9352 Merge pull request #10933 from cdapio/bugfix-ui/CDAP-12352
[CDAP-12535][CDAP-14714] Fix overflowing popover and allow decimal numbers in calculate directive
Ajai Narayan Ajai Narayan 3af04323578399eb9ab9c54c056d7665a806e84d 3af04323578399eb9ab9c54c056d7665a806e84d [CDAP-12352] Allow decimal numbers for calcualte directive in dataprep

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