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Andreas Neumann <> Andreas Neumann <> 798560cdcb7c87be9ebc3cf7f25a64a9c58b1321 798560cdcb7c87be9ebc3cf7f25a64a9c58b1321 Merge pull request #10872 from cdapio/feature/CDAP-14587-metadata-remote
[CDAP-14632] Remove Metadata upgrade code
Terence Yim <> Terence Yim <> 504399010eafc23419f72dae962181ad6834b009 504399010eafc23419f72dae962181ad6834b009 Merge pull request #10873 from cdapio/feature/CDAP-14633-fix-test-race
(CDAP-14633) Fixed a race condition in the MonitorSocksProxyTest
Andreas Neumann Andreas Neumann 4b06df3f27abe5c0b5a910219d9ff22adf31b03a m 4b06df3f27abe5c0b5a910219d9ff22adf31b03a address comments
Terence Yim <> Terence Yim <> b3666243f947f685b3658f011e23b9a3d4438255 m b3666243f947f685b3658f011e23b9a3d4438255 (CDAP-14633) Fixed a race condition in the MonitorSocksProxyTest
- Connection close on the server side happens asynchronously.
Andreas Neumann Andreas Neumann e1b1b9276c786ab55f4143b0fc0485d6dd388bfc m e1b1b9276c786ab55f4143b0fc0485d6dd388bfc refactor some lambdas

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