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Sreevatsan Raman Sreevatsan Raman d720881b0f9358a3d4d9273b47368763c93e0af9 d720881b0f9358a3d4d9273b47368763c93e0af9 Merge pull request #10476 from caskdata/release/5.0
Merge release/5.0 to develop
Sreevatsan Raman Sreevatsan Raman 47da6de35359b1129f4a512f43967529cba7437d m 47da6de35359b1129f4a512f43967529cba7437d Merge pull request #10481 from caskdata/feature/license
License update for 5.0
Rohit Sinha <> Rohit Sinha <> 103a980f9a4284bc48b3a0b566f80e382ebaad5a m 103a980f9a4284bc48b3a0b566f80e382ebaad5a Update license for release 5.0
Sreevatsan Raman Sreevatsan Raman 1d43c2702166141d6dd7e3dfd7ff992c47db36f5 m 1d43c2702166141d6dd7e3dfd7ff992c47db36f5 Merge pull request #10474 from caskdata/bugfix_release/CDAP-13857-add-upgrade-doc
CDAP-13942 Upgrade and job.queue datasets
Sreevatsan Raman Sreevatsan Raman 232c9cd19d10de3c5a0ed7c92f7556f1249544d1 m 232c9cd19d10de3c5a0ed7c92f7556f1249544d1 Merge pull request #10459 from caskdata/feature/ops-dashboard-docs
CDAP-13147 documentation on operations dashboard and reporting

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