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6b1d18b92158d2c98bdde51e3b9ee31686e04780 6b1d18b92158d2c98bdde51e3b9ee31686e04780
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vinishavyasa <> vinishavyasa <> 6b1d18b92158d2c98bdde51e3b9ee31686e04780 6b1d18b92158d2c98bdde51e3b9ee31686e04780 Merge pull request #8305 from caskdata/bugfix/fix-mapreduceruntime-service
Addressing comments
Ajai Narayan Ajai Narayan 2e310c8ee480da48594a11652447476fbb5e6b4b 2e310c8ee480da48594a11652447476fbb5e6b4b Merge pull request #8275 from sushiladokar/feature/HYDRATOR-1187
[HYDRATOR-1187] - Fix Hydrator widget json number field should allow null values
Ajai Narayan Ajai Narayan 58562eec4100c12608f6fac197cef34a9fdfe0c4 58562eec4100c12608f6fac197cef34a9fdfe0c4 Merge pull request #8283 from caskdata/bugfix_release/ui-CDAP-8501
[CDAP-8501] Fixes Preview button to be disabled in distributed environment
Ajai Narayan Ajai Narayan a87efcb98e2edefc9fc0af522953998799d68981 a87efcb98e2edefc9fc0af522953998799d68981 [CDAP-8501] Fixes Preview button to be disabled in distributed environment
- Fixes Preview button to be disabled in cluster environment
- Fixes extran '>' in html markup for load-artifact template in pipelines studio
Vinisha Shah Vinisha Shah 2f7aba5d0f30b23e0561d5f18c676037f0d9f36d m 2f7aba5d0f30b23e0561d5f18c676037f0d9f36d Addressing comments

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