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Ajai Narayan Ajai Narayan f6e21bf8c3161350592f8517b5045698b56f2cd3 f6e21bf8c3161350592f8517b5045698b56f2cd3 Merge pull request #9869 from caskdata/feature/ui-mmds6-CDAP-12709
[MMDS][CDAP-12709][CDAP-13049] Adds Split Data Step while creating a model
Ajai Narayan Ajai Narayan 4b3aa5451717aca1ee021f4778378c4188f529d0 4b3aa5451717aca1ee021f4778378c4188f529d0 [MMDS][CDAP-12709][CDAP-13049] Adds Split Data Step while creating a model
  - Moves components specific to CreateView to CreateView directory in Experiments feature
  - Adds new API for integrating Experiments CreateView with backend
  - Adds generic composeEnhancers to helpers module
  - Modifies ListView based on ExperimentsListBarChart module move
  - Refactors Experiments store and ActionCreator based on splitdata step changes
  - Modifies VegaLiteChart and GroupedChart to be more generic
  - Modifies CreateView to have SplitData step
  - Adds SplitData, SplitInfo, SplitTable & SplitInfoGraph components to SplitStep
  - Fixes composeEnhancers in helpers to use compose from redux instead of react-redux
  - Fixes VegaLiteChart to remove resize event handler when unmounting
  - Adds link to split step from models list in experiments detailed view
  - Minor style fix to Filter dropdown EntityListView
  - Fixes infinite loading while creating experiments
  - Modifies the algorithm selection step to list algorithms based on outcome type

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