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21f018b1b220d60aa75f19f2ef19f1f20ecfe438 21f018b1b220d60aa75f19f2ef19f1f20ecfe438
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#265 (Child of CDAP-DRC-3367)

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Sree <> Sree <> 21f018b1b220d60aa75f19f2ef19f1f20ecfe438 21f018b1b220d60aa75f19f2ef19f1f20ecfe438 Update hash
Ali Anwar Ali Anwar 3190f6bca2e0478c7ddaf6796c1f17761039970f 3190f6bca2e0478c7ddaf6796c1f17761039970f Merge pull request #9081 from caskdata/merge-release/4.2-to-develop
Merge release/4.2 to develop
Ali Anwar Ali Anwar c2a09c79589c11a4e943719d49b80997277c278c c2a09c79589c11a4e943719d49b80997277c278c Merge branch 'release/4.2' into merge-release/4.2-to-develop
Poorna Chandra Poorna Chandra e1875a71a4c00d7b61a4a46fa3e8350cfa92d8d1 m e1875a71a4c00d7b61a4a46fa3e8350cfa92d8d1 Merge pull request #9076 from caskdata/feature_release/fix_schedule_migration
Fix namespace check and race condition in schedule migration
Chengfeng <> Chengfeng <> b65e5663782d74b50dfb4829539c0c275dff0cb6 m b65e5663782d74b50dfb4829539c0c275dff0cb6 Fix check for schedule migration completed namespace and start migration after the old scheduler starts

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Unknown Issue TypeCDAP-11823Could not obtain issue details from JIRA
Unknown Issue TypeCDAP-11846Could not obtain issue details from JIRA
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