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71e4c5c43db09132421315cb3adb4843b992b98f 71e4c5c43db09132421315cb3adb4843b992b98f
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Denton Liu <> Denton Liu <> 71e4c5c43db09132421315cb3adb4843b992b98f 71e4c5c43db09132421315cb3adb4843b992b98f Merge pull request #8173 from caskdata/feature/cdap-8759-improve-search-efficiency
CDAP-8759 Improve metadata search efficiency
Denton Liu Denton Liu 20c16b6e51be7e8a666304d3688062197ce328e7 m 20c16b6e51be7e8a666304d3688062197ce328e7 CDAP-8759 Improve metadata search efficiency
This commit fixes the issue where MetadataSet creates two Lists with
duplicate content. Instead, only one List is created and it is truncated
before being sent.
Sreevatsan Raman Sreevatsan Raman ce43d05fc7298970e3168a7a7f0844ff96e2edbd ce43d05fc7298970e3168a7a7f0844ff96e2edbd Merge pull request #8376 from caskdata/feature/impersonationitn
CDAP-7071 Doc changes for Wikipedia App
John Jackson John Jackson 53ca1567254ef9092cc20c11d230c51cded5b62b m 53ca1567254ef9092cc20c11d230c51cded5b62b Update wikipedia-data-pipeline.rst
Added example and adjusted text.
Deepak Wadhwani Deepak Wadhwani 290a9a8117f6efcdc88bd799b970cd80016879dd m 290a9a8117f6efcdc88bd799b970cd80016879dd edits

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