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Related issues (27 issues)
Type Key Summary Status Assignee Fix versions Related Builds Operations
Improvement CDAP-4871 Support pySpark Resolved Terence Yim 4.3.0 27 related builds
Bug CDAP-12263 Make HBaseDDLExecutor.truncateTable documentation more clear to specify that table must be disabled and enabled by the implementation. Resolved Sagar Kapare 4.3.0, 4.1.3 16 related builds
Sub-task CDAP-12301 Returned schedules from REST API should contain application info Resolved Chengfeng Mao 4.3.0 15 related builds
Bug CDAP-12304 Pipeline Summary - there is a discrepancy between Pipeline Run number displayed in the the chart and table view Resolved Edwin Elia 4.3.0 13 related builds
Improvement CDAP-12319 CDAP menu - change menu nomenclature for Data Preparation/home/rule managment Resolved Ajai Narayan 4.3.0 15 related builds
Bug CDAP-12351 Truncating impersonated datasets fails or changes the group Resolved Andreas Neumann 4.3.0 11 related builds
Sub-task CDAP-12382 Event payload passing between triggering pipeline and triggered pipeline Resolved Chengfeng Mao 4.3.0 19 related builds
Bug CDAP-12408 Microservice deployment does not work in the UI Resolved Tony Bach 4.3.0 15 related builds
Bug CDAP-12423 Race condition in program state trigger prevents from right status being updated Resolved Terence Yim 4.3.0 19 related builds
Bug CDAP-12434 Rulebook - editing orders of rules from the The RuleEngine Properties doesn't work Resolved Ajai Narayan 4.3.0 14 related builds
Bug CDAP-12447 Pipeline Upgrade do not work on edge cases Resolved Edwin Elia 4.3.0 16 related builds
Bug CDAP-12455 Data Prep directive drop down second level menu is incorrectly positioned Resolved Ajai Narayan 4.3.0 13 related builds
Bug CDAP-12463 Condition in the pipeline should be allow to connect to any type of node. Resolved Tony Bach 4.3.0 13 related builds
Bug CDAP-12465 Alert publishers call initialize twice in spark Resolved Albert Shau 11 related builds
Improvement CDAP-12466 Have better fencing mechanism for HA services to avoid split brain Open Terence Yim 12 related builds
Bug CDAP-12467 Functionality provided by the plugin-function seems restrictive. Resolved Edwin Elia 4.3.0 14 related builds
Bug CDAP-12471 Disable collecting stage statistics when no conditions exists in the pipeline. Resolved Sagar Kapare 4.3.0 12 related builds
New Feature CDAP-12472 Add a way to get resolved plugin properties Resolved Albert Shau 4.3.0 14 related builds
Bug CDAP-12473 Conversion from entity id to authorizable is not working correctly for dataset, dataset type, dataset module Resolved Poorna Chandra 4.3.0 17 related builds
Improvement CDAP-12475 Create a landing page for Rule Engine Resolved Ajai Narayan 4.3.0 16 related builds
Bug CDAP-12483 Rule engine - Remove delete and add icons from rule details view Resolved Tony Bach 4.3.0 16 related builds
Bug CDAP-12484 Pipeline triggers should be disabled for realtime pipelines Resolved Edwin Elia 4.3.0 15 related builds
Bug CDAP-12489 change get to any privilege in new auth model Resolved Yaojie Feng 4.3.0 16 related builds
Bug CDAP-12500 RunRecord corrector doesn't correct records in STARTING state Resolved Albert Shau 4.3.0 17 related builds
Bug CDAP-12501 pipeline conditions input schema verification Resolved Albert Shau 4.3.0 18 related builds
Bug CDAP-12503 Schema propagation causes UI unusable. Resolved Ajai Narayan 4.3.0 18 related builds
Bug CDAP-12505 Program status sometimes fails to transition to running Resolved Albert Shau 4.3.0 18 related builds