Build #1,327

Builds the CDAP Security Extensions

Code commits


  • Terence Yim <>

    Terence Yim <> 3a09ce066b5a254065f4190396409b5ff0c373d9

    Merge pull request #184 from cdapio/feature/fix-build
    Fix the broken build

  • Terence Yim

    Terence Yim fe1bd83f047439c767885b3eb04aef3e30d88506

    Fix the broken build
    - Remove unnecessary dependencies on cdap-cli
    -- CDAP cli is a fat-jar, causing shade plugin issue
    - Fix the test resources filtering to avoid creating a strange directory outside of target directory after running test

    • cdap-ranger/cdap-ranger-binding/pom.xml (version fe1bd83f047439c767885b3eb04aef3e30d88506)
    • cdap-ranger/cdap-ranger-lookup/pom.xml (version fe1bd83f047439c767885b3eb04aef3e30d88506)
    • cdap-ranger/cdap-ranger-lookup/src/main/java/io/cdap/cdap/security/authorization/ranger/lookup/client/ (version fe1bd83f047439c767885b3eb04aef3e30d88506)
    • pom.xml (version fe1bd83f047439c767885b3eb04aef3e30d88506)