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CDAP Navigator

  • Chris Gianelloni

    Chris Gianelloni 3e636273c8a980051e3661bc87c58156f6f65a22

    Merge pull request #27 from caskdata/merge-release02-develop
    Merge release/0.2 to develop

  • Chris Gianelloni

    Chris Gianelloni 35e18048b0e4424b3b9dbb4f9211a6dd9db225a2

    Uncomment RedundantModifier

    • checkstyle.xml (version 35e18048b0e4424b3b9dbb4f9211a6dd9db225a2)
  • Chris Gianelloni

    Chris Gianelloni 55cf3a8f7253f21c1eb911880760f5cf6cb43ebf

    Merge branch 'release/0.2' into merge-release02-develop

  • Chris Gianelloni

    Chris Gianelloni a9e41de68ba24c2406c2ffcb1a21b8afc273ab4a

    Merge pull request #23 from caskdata/feature/update-checkstyle
    Update checkstyle and comment RedundantModifier

  • Chris Gianelloni

    Chris Gianelloni faad7554a49fe772629b98b223edbe4ea7d5a358

    Update checkstyle

    • checkstyle.xml (version faad7554a49fe772629b98b223edbe4ea7d5a358)
    • pom.xml (version faad7554a49fe772629b98b223edbe4ea7d5a358)
  • sreevatsan raman <>

    sreevatsan raman <> c1704cf76dfd2507d0715719dc0fcf5dc25d566a

    Merge pull request #20 from caskdata/feature/remove-snapshot
    Remove snapshot version

  • Sree <>

    Sree <> e5ce5722c5b15458f411f5acc132ea609461c4cd

    Remove snapshot

    • pom.xml (version e5ce5722c5b15458f411f5acc132ea609461c4cd)
  • Bhooshan Mogal

    Bhooshan Mogal cfb3365b8de290ad203d2fbe6ea60d0a55f335e9

    Merge pull request #19 from caskdata/feature/update-docs
    Updated README to indicate that the app now consumes from the audit feed

  • Bhooshan Mogal

    Bhooshan Mogal 621a66cb49264b1ca21886eaa38093f3961cd946

    Updated README to indicate that the app now consumes from the audit feed

    • README.rst (version 621a66cb49264b1ca21886eaa38093f3961cd946)