Build and Unit Test

Builds CDAP artifacts and performs unit tests


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#256 Scheduled with changes by Sreevatsan Raman <sree@Sreevatsans-MacBook-Pro.local> and Ali Anwar 3 weeks ago Testless build
#180 Child of CDAP-DRC4176-349
6 months ago 2582 passed
#179 Child of CDAP-DRC4176-348
6 months ago Testless build
#117 Child of CDAP-DRC4176-303
9 months ago 2559 passed

Error log

    Unable to detect changes

    (06 Jun 2017, 11:35:49 PM, Occurrences: 3)

    Agent 'bamboo-agent12' went offline while building CDAP-BUT854-BMA-244. The results of that build will not be available.

    (30 Jul 2017, 1:26:02 AM)

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