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c0ad2e73247c482a5ab7346e9ffcc6eea326494c c0ad2e73247c482a5ab7346e9ffcc6eea326494c
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Chengfeng Mao <> Chengfeng Mao <> c0ad2e73247c482a5ab7346e9ffcc6eea326494c c0ad2e73247c482a5ab7346e9ffcc6eea326494c Merge pull request #10041 from caskdata/feature/CDAP-13306-ops-dashboard-handler
 [CDAP-13306] Add HTTP handler for Operations Dashboard
Chengfeng <> Chengfeng <> 4968735d87e506a10988ffc32a2c583e18e9dadc m 4968735d87e506a10988ffc32a2c583e18e9dadc [CDAP-13306] Add HTTP handler for Operations Dashboard
Terence Yim Terence Yim 88002fad33af19b77f841d7742d1d48f1b83cc56 88002fad33af19b77f841d7742d1d48f1b83cc56 (CDAP-13234) Better management of TMS subscriber threads.
- Allow sub-classes to customize on the ScheduledExecutorService to be used
Albert Shau <> Albert Shau <> 69657e2256bd7388b86d95c12b8f8c97e907e506 69657e2256bd7388b86d95c12b8f8c97e907e506 CDAP-13348 make cluster prefix a constant
Albert Shau <> Albert Shau <> bd01315cbf1e66ea8532e91deabe23a9149da6a0 bd01315cbf1e66ea8532e91deabe23a9149da6a0 CDAP-13348 fix bugs around dataproc cluster name
Fixing bugs with cluster name where it could generate invalid
names. Ensuring the name is at most 51 characters instead of 54,
and adding a 'cdap-' prefix to ensure that the cluster name always
starts with a lowercase letter, and to help distinguish cdap
clusters from other clusters.

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