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Ajai Narayan Ajai Narayan dbffcd55f4afbf2a5aec91d04712e2fcab56eb49 dbffcd55f4afbf2a5aec91d04712e2fcab56eb49 Upgrade react router to a stable release
 - Adds react-router v4 to package.json + generates new dll files
 - Modifies Home and cdap/main.js file routes
 - Updates Link & NavLink in Header component
 - Modifies EntityListView + children + SearchStore based on route changes
 - Modifies Overview, App, Dataset & Stream Overview components based on route changes
 - Modifies AppDetailedView based on router changes
 - Modifies DatasetDetailedView based on router changes
 - Modifies StreamDetailedView based on router changes
 - Modifies references to Link and NavLink in 404, BreadCrumb, Market, MarketPlaceUsecaseEntity, NamespaceDropdown, RouteToNamespace & SpotlightSearch
 - Fixes api/* module references in ApplicationMetrics, ArtifactMetrics, DatasetMetrics & StreamMetrics for unit testing
 - Modifies DatsetStreamCards and Table based on router changes
 - Fixes Timer component to verify if its unmounted while/before starting the counter
 - Adds mock file for images and font files for unit testing
 - Modifies NoEntitiesMessage unit test based on default search text update in the component
 - Adds mock apis to be used in unit tests
 - Adds unit tests for components that are affected based on react router updates
 - Fixes FileBrowser, FilePath and DatapPrepConnections components with react router upgrade
 - Adds unit tests for FileBrowser component
Tony Bach Tony Bach 63fce3f4ec05e561ba2e9481afe3dd64dbb71ff2 63fce3f4ec05e561ba2e9481afe3dd64dbb71ff2 Merge pull request #8700 from tysjiang/bugfix/ui-cdap-9115
[CDAP-9115] User Friendly application and pipeline logs
Nishith Nand <> Nishith Nand <> 3a1729768d2e8e5b5d662d03093d7c3909920780 3a1729768d2e8e5b5d662d03093d7c3909920780 Merge pull request #8707 from caskdata/bugfix/fix_build_script_hash
Fixed cdap-default's hash in
Tony Bach Tony Bach 3d27aa22dd834acf879dd2b49228ebc2bf864067 3d27aa22dd834acf879dd2b49228ebc2bf864067 Merge pull request #8690 from tysjiang/bugfix/ui-cdap-8946
[CDAP-8946] Pipeline Detail view: When the pipeline has never been started, the pipeline summary view is misleading.
Nishith Nand Nishith Nand b56cbde342a4d890dda066d1bd37635ebb2b5b01 b56cbde342a4d890dda066d1bd37635ebb2b5b01 Fixed cdap-default's hash in

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