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Assembles repository and secondary assemblies from primary CDAP-BUT artifacts (DO NOT RUN THIS MANUALLY, RUN CDAP-BUT)

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191281a07606f8e56e8756d9ff0be022e5f843a8 191281a07606f8e56e8756d9ff0be022e5f843a8
8ad67098f82d7cd2cbe666d3bf7e009654c7b92e 8ad67098f82d7cd2cbe666d3bf7e009654c7b92e
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#325 (Child of CDAP-BUT-1373)

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Ali Anwar Ali Anwar 8ad67098f82d7cd2cbe666d3bf7e009654c7b92e 8ad67098f82d7cd2cbe666d3bf7e009654c7b92e Merge pull request #10287 from caskdata/release/5.0
Merge release/5.0 to develop
sagarkapare <> sagarkapare <> 085b59b8f8efc333e0fe3c393a6b7cd85d37058c m 085b59b8f8efc333e0fe3c393a6b7cd85d37058c Merge pull request #10257 from caskdata/feature/CDAP-datapipeline-fll-changes
CDAP-13273 DataPipelineApp changed to collect the operations from stages and push them to the platform.
sagarkapare <> sagarkapare <> faf7806b269dc6abce2e530b13875046c0757922 m faf7806b269dc6abce2e530b13875046c0757922 CDAP-13273 DataPipelineApp changes to collect the operations from stages and push them to the platform.

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