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Ajai Narayan Ajai Narayan bcf58c6fabe5d3a7108a003ced9c640cd9e49dc3 bcf58c6fabe5d3a7108a003ced9c640cd9e49dc3 [CDAP-13301] Add associtions to profile view
 - Adds ProfileAssocaition component to Profile detailed view
 - Minor tweak to humanReadableDuration helper function
 - Minor styling fixes for css grid that we use for table
 - Handles the case for native profiles in system scope/namespace
 - Disables doing anything with the native profile
 - Disables open preview for native profile in historical runs
Ajai Narayan Ajai Narayan 62b5ec4ed5abd0ba977f08a75feb1a685296c864 62b5ec4ed5abd0ba977f08a75feb1a685296c864 [CDAP-13582] Add link to prediction dataset for each model under an experiment
  - Adds dataset name during model training in MMDS
  - Adds explore action to model details under an experiment. Backend integration still pending
  - Fixes model description to appear user friendly while creating model in MMDS
  - Fixes experiment description to be presentable in experiment list view and model create popover
Edwin Elia <> Edwin Elia <> 6510b516bbbaa6f81f648b568fc657274b6ff8a7 6510b516bbbaa6f81f648b568fc657274b6ff8a7 Merge pull request #10270 from caskdata/feature-ui/CDAP-13392-secure-keys
[CDAP-13392] UI secure key widget for profile creation
Edwin Elia <> Edwin Elia <> 4c4d7cf0eff5af034003683fbea3c55d66f8db31 4c4d7cf0eff5af034003683fbea3c55d66f8db31 Add securekey-textarea widget
Edwin Elia <> Edwin Elia <> 1da786a5787983832964c5cdc9a60c48cbe35bd3 1da786a5787983832964c5cdc9a60c48cbe35bd3 modify service account key widget

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