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191281a07606f8e56e8756d9ff0be022e5f843a8 191281a07606f8e56e8756d9ff0be022e5f843a8
c534f27e68e644710a0748b12243af3a9e72b1d7 c534f27e68e644710a0748b12243af3a9e72b1d7
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Tony Bach <> Tony Bach <> c534f27e68e644710a0748b12243af3a9e72b1d7 c534f27e68e644710a0748b12243af3a9e72b1d7 Merge pull request #10191 from caskdata/feature-ui/CDAP-13474-ops-dashboard-i18n
[CDAP-13474][CDAP-13475] Adds i18n for Ops Dashboard and Reports
tonybach <> tonybach <> 7ee0a6f123719810c9db08b365dd5bb607ec8718 7ee0a6f123719810c9db08b365dd5bb607ec8718 [CDAP-13474][CDAP-13475] Adds i18n for Ops Dashboard and Reports - Adds i18n for Ops Dashboard - Adds i18n for Reports - Changes time to 12-hour format, since we're showing AM/PM
Ajai <> Ajai <> a8a6010bfc8e5ab09a1acc09addbad6ccd180b88 a8a6010bfc8e5ab09a1acc09addbad6ccd180b88 Merge pull request #10192 from caskdata/bugfix_release-ui/CDAP-13390
[CDAP-13390] Adds visual feedback on View link in profiles list
Ajai Narayan Ajai Narayan cfb494e2050726c86e943804edead98c8e428bff cfb494e2050726c86e943804edead98c8e428bff Adds anchor tags to have underline during hover to give a visual feedback for the user
Tony Bach <> Tony Bach <> 3e12e5314af730ac110f1c6cb92168f94d56fdc5 3e12e5314af730ac110f1c6cb92168f94d56fdc5 Merge pull request #10178 from caskdata/bugfix/ui-cdap-13470-reports-popover-closing
[CDAP-13457][CDAP-13470][CDAP-13476] Bugfixes/improvements in Reports UI

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