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vinishavyasa <> vinishavyasa <> 57f9022c611100bd8b640cff385ca930c6379439 57f9022c611100bd8b640cff385ca930c6379439 Merge pull request #10068 from caskdata/feature/CDAP-13168-metrics-support
Adding support for metrics polling
Vinisha Shah Vinisha Shah 83a49a79ef56aab39578a4c1ae3ad39c25a5b2d0 m 83a49a79ef56aab39578a4c1ae3ad39c25a5b2d0 Support metrics polling
Sreevatsan Raman Sreevatsan Raman 2ffd9f7a1f207599ca308654525b2abbbf663a5e 2ffd9f7a1f207599ca308654525b2abbbf663a5e Merge pull request #10066 from caskdata/feature/fix-some-flaky-tests
fix some flaky tests
Albert Shau <> Albert Shau <> cf3c629a61a5b7b434cd26eb851cfdc115588c4f cf3c629a61a5b7b434cd26eb851cfdc115588c4f fix some flaky tests
Fix the ProgramNotificationSubscriberServiceTest to emulate what
happens when a preview run starts in order to avoid a race where
the program is started, then fails, then the state is updated.
This started failing now because the provisioning service is now
hooked up, which will trigger events such that a program run will
try to be started.

Also fix the MetricsClientTest that was relying on a sleep to make
sure metrics are available.
Tony Bach Tony Bach ac8a612dfbde16fc4d8d3f5996f6a9ac076c6bc8 ac8a612dfbde16fc4d8d3f5996f6a9ac076c6bc8 Merge pull request #10065 from caskdata/bugfix-ui/fix-preferences-levels
Fix preferences levels in UI to not default to system

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