Build #248

Assembles repository and secondary assemblies from primary CDAP-BUT artifacts (DO NOT RUN THIS MANUALLY, RUN CDAP-BUT)

Build: #248 was successful Child of CDAP-BUT-1188

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Related issues (29 issues)
Type Key Summary Status Assignee Fix versions Related Builds Operations
Improvement CDAP-2388 Add Java 8 support to CDAP Resolved Sreevatsan Raman 3.1.0 10 related builds
New Feature CDAP-12739 Upgrade to netty-http 1.0.0 Resolved Terence Yim 5.0.0 16 related builds
New Feature CDAP-12849 Operational Dashboard - Create a bar chart to represent a timeline of all runs Resolved Edwin Elia 5.0.0 28 related builds
New Feature CDAP-12869 Operational Dashboard - Select which Namespace(s) to display in the Op Dash Resolved Edwin Elia 5.0.0 7 related builds
New Feature CDAP-13088 Metadata for schema fields and custom non-entities in CDAP Closed Sreevatsan Raman 30 related builds
Sub-task CDAP-13096 Introduce Cluster lifecycle to program runs Resolved Albert Shau 5.0.0 32 related builds
Bug CDAP-13110 In some cases, a dataset's class loader is closed before the dataset is closed Resolved Andreas Neumann 5.0.0, 4.3.4 20 related builds
Bug CDAP-13111 Investigate reducing Angular double-bindings in Pipeline detail view to improve performance Resolved Ajai Narayan 5.0.0, 4.3.4 12 related builds
Improvement CDAP-13119 Reduce connector datasets during planning for mapreduce pipelines Resolved Albert Shau 4.3.4 12 related builds
Bug CDAP-13120 PartitionedFileSet does not delete its directory when deleted Resolved Albert Shau 4.3.4 12 related builds
Improvement CDAP-13122 Pipeline connectors should use CombineInputFormat Resolved Albert Shau 4.3.4 13 related builds
Bug CDAP-13123 Explore query on streams fails in an impersonated namespace with authorization enabled Resolved Yaojie Feng 5.0.0, 4.3.4 12 related builds
Bug CDAP-13129 Sink should not be included in multiple mapreduce phases Resolved Albert Shau 4.3.4 12 related builds
Improvement CDAP-13143 Recursive schema is not fully supported in CDAP Schema Resolved Terence Yim 5.0.0 7 related builds
Bug CDAP-13154 Authorization for an Impersonated NS fails if the a full kerberos principal is specified Resolved Rohit Sinha 4.3.4 13 related builds
Bug CDAP-13158 Concurrent launch of the Spark programs from fork of the Workflow may fail sometimes. Resolved Terence Yim 4.3.4 13 related builds
Bug CDAP-13162 UI does not render code correctly for python spark compute Resolved Ajai Narayan 4.3.4 13 related builds
Bug CDAP-13171 When creating a namespace, setting the group id for the data directory may fail Resolved Andreas Neumann 4.3.4 13 related builds
Improvement CDAP-13179 Integrate the YARN AM resilience fix from TWILL-61 Resolved Terence Yim 5.0.0, 4.3.4 13 related builds
New Feature CDAP-13180 Implement Namespace Details Page Resolved Tony Bach 5.0.0 14 related builds
Bug CDAP-13191 Run records not fetched correctly for completed runs Resolved Albert Shau 4.3.4 13 related builds
Bug CDAP-13205 Inconsistencies in the schedulestore causes Scheduler service to keep shutting down. Resolved Sagar Kapare 4.3.4 13 related builds
Sub-task CDAP-13207 Allow users to specify a compute profile while starting a pipeline manually Resolved Ajai Narayan 5.0.0 6 related builds
New Feature CDAP-13213 Allow users to create a compute profile for Google Dataproc Resolved Ajai Narayan 5.0.0 26 related builds
Bug CDAP-13217 Infinite run record corrections for programs that don't exist Resolved Albert Shau 4.3.4 13 related builds
Bug CDAP-13218 Stop workflow causes incorrect program states Resolved Terence Yim 4.3.4 13 related builds
Bug CDAP-13223 Some 'Format Date' point-and-click directives are not working Resolved Bhooshan Mogal 4.3.4 13 related builds
New Feature CDAP-13234 Refactor program TwillRunnable for different kind of runtime environement Resolved Terence Yim 5.0.0 62 related builds
Unknown Issue Type TWILL-61 Could not obtain issue details from JIRA