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Assembles repository and secondary assemblies from primary CDAP-BUT artifacts (DO NOT RUN THIS MANUALLY, RUN CDAP-BUT)

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01159fc81653e7ecf3b92bf47c4f57f6949697ee 01159fc81653e7ecf3b92bf47c4f57f6949697ee
dfe70b84433bcf810725a445034dbcaf8d236b32 dfe70b84433bcf810725a445034dbcaf8d236b32
Failing since
#150 (Child of CDAP-BUT-1046)
Fixed in
#174 (Child of CDAP-BUT-1088)

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Code commits

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Terence Yim Terence Yim dfe70b84433bcf810725a445034dbcaf8d236b32 dfe70b84433bcf810725a445034dbcaf8d236b32 Remove JDK 7 from travis.xml
Terence Yim Terence Yim 195f7ae8237bf32cb6ee0290d7639d4f255fe503 195f7ae8237bf32cb6ee0290d7639d4f255fe503 Update travis
Terence Yim Terence Yim 7ff18fc4b444563486215e0a83d36227899574c6 7ff18fc4b444563486215e0a83d36227899574c6 Update travis.yml
Terence Yim Terence Yim 0d402ad897a81f18dc41331fc822f62ddbe63588 0d402ad897a81f18dc41331fc822f62ddbe63588 Merge pull request #9747 from caskdata/feature/fix-program-lifecycl
Fix flaky test related to failing in stopping program
Terence Yim Terence Yim 9305f4993d0170455179ddbeb78905954d625ee4 9305f4993d0170455179ddbeb78905954d625ee4 Fix flaky test related to failing in stopping program
- This can happen if the update of the runtime info is slower that the testing thread that already sees the program state changed (via. Run record) and attempt to stop the program

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